fredag 6 mars 2009

Annie Leibovitz is in trouble

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz doesn't just have to deal with the sadness of losing her lover and partner, Susan Sontag, but now also has to deal with financial woes. Is it the harsh times that has put her in this position? No. But how can someone of Annie Leibovitz's fame be in such serious financial trouble that she is using the rights to her photographs as collateral?

Well, kids... Susan Sontag passed away in 2004 and left her entire estate to Leibovitz. That's a good thing, right? Not if you're a homosexual. Same-sex couples do NOT have the same privileges as straight married couples when it comes to inheriting your partner. If you're gay and you inherit your partners estate - you have to pay up to 50% of the value of the inheritance in taxes. If you're straight and inherit your partner - or should the gay couple be recognized as a married couple - you wouldn't have to pay one single cent in taxes.

Same-sex marriage is not just about the right to marry the one you love. It's about equal rights.


Together we are strong. Together we can do it.

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