fredag 6 mars 2009


Tonight I saw a movie I have been wanting to see for months - "Milk". I knew the film would touch my heart in many ways. I knew it would be bittersweet to see the familiar streets, landmarks and intersections of San Francisco. A part of me will always belong there - on the corner of Castro and Market. I knew it would be an honor to see my friends names in the end crawl and I am so proud to be able to say I know people who help make this film what it is. I knew the depiction of Harvey and his life would touch my heart - yet again.

It's 1978 in San Francisco, CA. Senator Briggs and Anita Bryant are trying to get all homosexual teachers fired, along with anyone who supports homosexual teachers - a proposition known as Prop 6.

30 years ago, GLBT-people had no civil rights. We could be fired from our jobs, denied housing and be murdered for just walking down the street. 30 years ago, in Sweden, homosexuality was still classified as a mental illness.

30 years ago, Harvey Milk wanted to make a change. And he did. Prop 6 did not pass. Instead, more people than ever before came out to their friends and families and homosexuals became more visible than ever before.

A lot has happened in 30 years and yet we still don't have the same fundamental rights as everyone else. We have the same obligations and responsibilities, but not the same rights. Isn't it about time?

We can learn from "Milk". It reminds us of what generations before us have done to pave the way. It can inspire us to move on and take the next necessary steps. Together we are strong. Together we can do it.

My name is Tess Lindberg and I am here to recruit you...

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  1. I loved this movie too!

    Did not know much about Harvey but I am now proud to have shared this earth with such a beautiful soul.

    Missing you in SF,

    Carlos :)